Top Secret! (1984)

Top Secret! (1984)

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This time Zucker and Abrahams are spoofing, most notably, Elvis films and WWII spy movies. Val Kilmer stars as Nick Rivers, a handsome American 50s-style rock and roll singer. While performing in East Germany, he falls in love with a beautiful heroine and becomes involved with the French Resistance.

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Top Secret! / Top Secret!: Superconfidencial / Строго секретно! / Top Secret!: Huippusalaista! / Akros… trello kai aporrito / Άκρως… τρελό και απόρρητο / トップ・シークレット / Visiškai slaptai / Super secreto / Ściśle tajne / Çok Gizli / 笑破鐵幕 / ¡Super secreto! / Совершенно секретно!

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Release Date: 8 June 1984 (USA)
Country: UK, USA
Language: English, German, Yiddish
Duration: 1h 30min

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