The Silence (2019)

The Silence (2019)

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The story of a family struggling to survive in a world terrorized by a deadly, primeval species who have evolved for millions of years in the pitch darkness of a vast underground cave system, hunting only with their acute hearing. As the family seeks refuge in a remote haven where they can wait out the invasion, they start to wonder what kind of world will remain when they’re ready to emerge.

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The Silence / El silencio / O Silêncio / Ticho / Η Σιωπή / A Hallgatás / Cisza / Молчание / Tišina

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Release Date: 10 April 2019 (USA)
Country: Germany, USA
Language: English
Duration: 1h 31min

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720p BluRay | 799.73 MiB | MKV
1080p BluRay | 1.60 GiB | MKV

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