The Real Parakang (2017)

The Real Parakang: Warisan Berdarah (2017)

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Bagas’ activities who has parakang black magic, make people restless. Rusman, his father-in-law, who does not want to see any more casualties, is severely forced to finish him by shooting his head. At the same time, Elena, a journalist who has a sixth sense, sees a child inheriting parakang. Elena who does not want any casualties from parakang, invites Rino to find the child who is the heirs of parakang. Denis and Karina, the children of Bagas, sadden by the death of their father and little sister, Diva. When Denis wants to bring Diva’s body home, the doctor says Diva is still alive. Diva’s body has inherited the parakang black magic and her body is now controlled by evil forces. The victims fall. After seeing Diva turns into parakang and want to kill Denis, Karina help Elena and Rino to save Denis and at the same time finish off Diva’s parakang.. Karina, Elena and Rino survive the rampage of parakang. However, they does not know that the black magic has penetrated into Denis’s body.
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