The Adventures in Babysitting (2007)

The Adventures in Babysitting (2007)

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Counseled not to enter the baby’s room unless it’s an absolute emergency, two luscious babysitters play naked twister just outside the nursery… until they hear the inevitable crying. When they enter, they find one big, hairy, grown-up baby. And they soothe him… starting with a nipple, of course.

Then there’s the story of two fey manservants who must please two spoiled nieces before their parents come home… or they’ll lose the gig forever. The result? Three facials. Two anals. And Kayden at your service. Ready to sit, baby?

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Release Date: 21 February 2008 (USA)
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 0h 26min
Subtitle: –

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