Tarzana, the Wild Woman (1969)

Tarzana, the Wild Woman (1969)

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When the news arrives that the remains of the plane on which the son and his wife and daughter were traveling were found in Kenya, Sir Donovan immediately organizes an expedition in an attempt to find the granddaughter whose remains have not been found. Glen Shipper is in charge of this expedition for a reward of $ 100,000 and in a village he learns that a white woman called Tarzana (mysterious woman in Bantu-Sic language) lives in a dangerous zone controlled by the rebels. Immediately we leave for that area. But the expedition includes someone who would not mind that Sir Donovan’s granddaughter and heir disappeared forever..

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Tarzana, sesso selvaggio / Tarzana, sexe sauvage / Kataigida stin kafti zougla / Καταιγίδα στη Καυτή Ζούγκλα / De naakte jungle kat / Tarzana the Wild Girl / Tarzana, the Wild Woman

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IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065070/
Release Date: 11 July 1969 (Italy)
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 1h 22min
Subtitle: https://subscene.com/subtitles/tarzana-the-wild-woman

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