Sister Dearest (1984)

Sister Dearest (1984)

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Incoming freshmen go through the hazing process at Delta Gamma Nu and that means they need to have sex to be accepted. All well and good but our hero can’t cut it until his sister takes him by the hand and shows him how to relax and let things take their course!

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Sister Dearest / Ma petite soeur chérie / Collegiali incestuose / Deliciosamente Traci / High School Girls / Back to Class / Colegialas incestuosas / Highschool Sex – Total verrückt und superheiß / Highschool Sex

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Release Date: December 1984 (USA)
Country: USA, West Germany
Language: English
Duration: 1h 18min

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DVDRip | 1.28 GiB | AVI

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