SEX and LoveDoll:アンジェラ (2018)

SEX and LoveDoll:アンジェラ (2018)

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Unlike the free-spirited parents, the 24-year-old male is still a pure virgin. He has been very fond of dolls since he was a child. In order to motivate his son, his father sent his own robot doll Angela to his boyfriend’s birthday present, Angela. With superhuman computing power and sex skills, can meet the male owner’s alternative feelings for the doll, but unconsciously, Angela has a sincere feeling for the male owner…..

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SEX and LoveDoll:アンジェラ ~美爆乳アンドロイドのセクシー実践講座

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Release Date: 4 December 2018 (Japan)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Duration: 1h 13min
Subtitle: –

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720p HDRip | 1.23 GiB | MP4

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