Seducing the Country Girl (2020)

Seducing the Country Girl (2020)

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Sumi, the country girl from Geoje Island. I will live in Seoul with my family. However, his father died in an accident while working in Geoje Island. Even her mother died of a disease 2 years ago after living in Seoul. Sumi, left alone without a family and relatives, is living in Gangbuk, working at a restaurant. But even this is not easy. It is also difficult to get a job because you came from the village. Besides, the men have a tough beauty. It can be sexual harassment wherever you go. However, Sumi, who suffers from her high school of life, has no choice but to help with the cost of living. Sexual harassment is also common in the restaurant you are working at. I can’t stand it, and eventually I am cut off at the restaurant I am working for now. Even the rent is pushed back, and eventually they are driven out of their homes. Taeho, a neighborhood friend who works in a restaurant, is Sumi’s only friend. Taeho is working with Sumi and keeps Sumi in mind. It is recommended that you live with Sumi, who is not there when you go, in your home for the time being.

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시골처녀 유혹하기 / 诱人的乡下姑娘 / Seducing Country Girl

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Release Date: Mar 23, 2020 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 13min
Subtitle: –

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