Sajen (2018)

Sajen (2018)

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The three offerings in Pelita Bangsa high school is a mystery. Rumors say the offerings is a school effort to soothe the souls of the students who commit suicide for being bullied. Alanda (Amanda Manopo) attempts to break the bullying chain at school. Unlike the other students who are resigned when Bianca (Steffi Zamora), Davi (Jeff Smith) and their gang act arbitrarily, Alanda dare to fight. Alanda’s mission makes her two best friend, Riza (Angga Yunanda) and Keyra (Chantiq Schagerl), anxious. One night, Alanda is framed. Due to depression, Alanda decides to commit suicide. Alanda’s anger makes her spirit uneasy and encourages her to take revenge on the people who have destroyed her.

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Báo Oán / Jamuan Setan / Sajen

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Release Date: 3 May 2018 (Indonesia)
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Duration: 1h 33min

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