Roma (1972)

Roma (1972)

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Federico Fellini pays homage to his adopted hometown of Rome through the presentation of a series of vignettes. Many of those vignettes are autobiographical, relating to his own early memories of Rome, from incidents at school, watching a movie at the cinema, a visit to the city when he was eighteen at which time he stayed with the Palletta family, attending a provincial theater performance, and visits to different types of brothels. He provides a view of what it is like for people just arriving to the city for the first time via the highways into the city. During present day, he shows the dichotomy between Rome’s rich artistic and religious history against the modernism occurring in different facets. And he celebrates the people, whether they be long time residents, people who came never to leave, or those just passing through

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Roma / Fellini Roma / Roma de Fellini / Fellinin Rooma / Fellini: Róma / フェリーニのローマ / Rzym / Рим / Roma’da aşk başka / Fellini’s Roma

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Release Date: 15 October 1972 (USA)
Country: Italy, France
Language: Italian, German, English, French, Latin, Spanish
Duration: 2h 0min

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