Pornography (2018)

Pornography (2018)

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A songboy who lives alone with her husband and lonely day after day.
HyeWon (brother), who looked sadly, notices that there is a male parasite Josepho Chololulu
“I do not know if there is a place like this.
As the day goes by, I am curious about the burglary, and I am going to sneak alone.
It was a place where men and women played together in groups and enjoyed sex without any casualties.
Song Yeon was surprised to see the scenery of Bungwoo
I meet Susumu, the number of rows of parasites.
Susan is at first glance at Song-yeon, and Song-yeon dreams of having sex with Hyun-su.
I’m going to turn …

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淫乱朝鲜妓室, Pornography

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Release Date: 3 Jul 2018 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 39min
Subtitle: –

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