Parakang Manusia Jadi-jadian (2017)

Parakang: Manusia Jadi-jadian (2017)

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Syamsul and Narti as parakang (Someone like skinchanger. Someone who has the skill to become bird, pig etc) are brought together in the depths of the forest due to being hunted by citizens in their respective hamlets. They are caught when they want to prey on their victims. Syamsul while trying to suck the intestine of a man on the deathbed, and Narti with a pregnant mother. The meeting makes them lovers. In a village far from where they lived before, they tries a new life. Their marriage resulted in a daughter, Nurlinda, Syamsul and Narti’s life change.

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Release Date: 2017 (Indonesia)
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Duration: 1h 25min

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