Mother's Seduction 2 (2019)

Mother’s Seduction 2 (2019)

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Se-min, who once had a good time with his girlfriend Miho at home, looked back at someone’s gaze and wasn’t a strange woman looking at them with a blank expression? It turns out that it is wisdom that is Semin’s mother friend. After organizing her life in foreign countries, she came to Korea in a hurry, and her friend Se-min asked her mother to visit Se-min’s house for three days! Miho, angry at the sudden appearance of Jinhye, tells Semin to send Jinhye out of the house right now, but Semin, who is timid, can’t drive her out …

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엄마의 유혹2 / 妈妈的诱惑2 / Mother s Seduction 2

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Release Date: Dec 2, 2019 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 8min
Subtitle: –

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