Merah Putih Memanggil (2017)

Merah Putih Memanggil (2017)

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The story begins with hijacking an Indonesia medium-sized yacht flag within territory of Indonesia by international terrorists. One crew member was shot dead on board for insubordination. Four crew members including captains along with three French citizens, one Canadian citizen and one South Korean citizen were kidnapped and taken to an area in the southern part of a neighboring country. The kidnappers’ leader asked for ransom from countries whose citizens were kidnapped and of course including Indonesia. TNI can not do anything because the terrorists are in other countries / neighbors. Neighboring countries are also being overwhelmed by these terrorists because their own Government is experiencing many problems in the country. However, because of the approach of the Government of Indonesia neighboring countries gave permission and the opportunity to TNI to enter the area to free hostages is limited within 2×24 hours. To that end, the TNI created a Joint Operation plan involving all Forces. TNI AD conducted a closed operation / dispatch by sending 1 team of Anti-Terrorist Kopassus Battalion which was deployed at night free fall. In a state of standby will be assisted by combat aircraft from the Air Force and naval war ships on the beach and Kopaska operations or Frog Troops and Marine Battalions to landed. All these TNI units were finally involved.

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Release Date: 5 October 2017 (Indonesia)
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Duration: 1h 38min

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