Legend of the Demon Cat (2017)

Legend of the Demon Cat (2017)

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Taking place in the Tang Dynasty, a demon cat appears and breaks the peace of Chang’an City, causing a series of strange events. Poet Bai Letian and Monk Kukai join hands to investigate the death of the emperor’s concubine, Lady Yang, by following the trail left by the cat.

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Kûkai / Legend of the Demon Cat / O Mistério do Gato Chinês / 妖猫传 / Yao Mao Zhuan / Kûkai: Utsukushiki Ouhi no Nazo / 空海 KU-KAI 美しき王妃の謎 / Легенда о коте-демоне / Legenda o konkubini / Yêu Miêu Truyện / egend of the Demon Cat: Director’s Cut

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IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6157626/
Release Date: 5 February 2019 (USA)
Country: China, Japan, Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin, Japanese
Duration: 2h 9min
Subtitle: https://subscene.com/subtitles/legend-of-the-demon-cat

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