Gotcha! (1985)

Gotcha! (1985)

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Jonathan plays a game called Gotcha in which he hunts and is hunted by other students with paint guns. After a big win, he goes off for a vacation in France where he meets the sexy Sasha who says she is only interested in him because he is a virgin. She takes him with her to East Germany where they are separated and he has to escape back to the west on his own, all the while being trailed by East German spies. He arrives home only to find the game is still going on, and a canister of film is in his backpack. Then Sasha re-appears.

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Gotcha! / Gotcha!: Uma Arma do Barulho / Touché! / Täysosuma! / Bang du er død / Gotcha! – Ein irrer Trip / Попався! / Yakaladım Seni! / Pang! Pang! Du är död! / ¡Te pillé! Gotcha! / Te-am prins! / Um Americano em Berlim / Mam cie! / Gotcha- eller fra spøk til revolver / ¡Gotcha! Te pegué / ガッチャ!

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Release Date: 3 May 1985 (USA)
Country: USA
Language: English, German, Russian, French
Duration: 1h 41min

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