Goddess of the Glass (2009)

Goddess of the Glass (2009)

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Yuta Sakura, a college student who doesn’t even have. He who was spending time without her is fulfilling a fateful encounter with a classmate, Honoka Kurimiya. Without being able to convey his thoughts, he will be associated with his younger student, Aya Honami. And Aya was a faint junior! Eita who is swung around while thinking of faintness. My cousin, Jun, who has been to Tokyo for my friend’s wedding, is going to tell me my thoughts.

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ガラスの女神, Glass goddess, Megami of the glass

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Release Date: 4 Sept 2009 (Japan)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Duration: 1h 21min
Subtitle: –

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DVDRip | 1.85 GiB | MKV

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