Forensic (2020)

Forensic (2020)

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Samuel John Kattookkaran (Tovino Thomas) is a medico-legal advisor (forensic personnel), who is assigned to the case of a serial killer targeting little girls. Samuel uses his forensic skills and makes breakthroughs in a serial killing case as further victims are added to the list. The investigation team is headed by the chief investigating officer, Rithika Xavier IPS (Mamta Mohandas),who is Samuel’s sister-in-law. Samuel with his team uncovers that killer is Alphonse Kurian (Giju John), a child psychologist who has a past of murdering his own father when he was a child, and has taken up killing in later life to find peace. He also targets Rithika’s family out of delusional convictions. Samuel confirms the evidence that he has on the killer’s identity and hears Alphonse’s confession while driving. When Alphonse tries to kill Samuel, he runs the car into a roadblock and unlocks Alphonse’s seat-belt. The car flips and Alphonse is ejected from the seat, his head hits the road and he dies on the spot making the incident accidental.

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Forensic / Судмедэксперт

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Release Date: 28 February 2020 (USA)
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 2h 12min

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