Everyday Relationship (2018)

Everyday Relationship (2018)

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The film consists of three small stories, telling the love story of the three paragraphs, the first paragraph is the female teacher and the bad student. When the male student who is seen by the teacher is seen, the teacher’s desire is aroused when he is alone with the female teacher. A piece of taboo love was carried out. The second story was the two soldiers in the military camp. The male soldiers suffered from the long-distance love. The female soldiers received some excessive demands from the sergeant. Consolation…. The third story tells the story of a man and a barber, which makes the two have some wonderful feelings. The female hairdresser has become a man’s special hairdresser, and this relationship has also let Their distance is getting closer and closer, and the relationship is getting more and more subtle….

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일상의 관계 / 日常关系 / Everyday Relationship / Daily Relationships

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Release Date: 30 August 2018 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 17min
Subtitle: –

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