Coffee Shop Mother (2019)

Coffee Shop Mother (2019)

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The female host is played by Jin Zhu. The female owner is the owner of a tea house. The business is not bad, but the teahouse is not very flat. Some customers do not put the waiters in the teahouse in their eyes, even in the light, in this environment. The proprietress is naturally also a hero, often on his own, to meet the requirements of customers, until one day, the emergence of the female stepfather broke the situation, and the woman owner left the stepchildren to come here to open the store, actually because of my heart The collapse of the ethical concept…. fell in love with his stepchildren?

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다방엄마 / dabang-eomma / Coffee Shop Mother

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Release Date: 2019 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 13min
Subtitle: –

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