Claires Knee (1970)

Claire’s Knee (1970)

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In this talky lighthearted slow-paced melodrama, Jerome, a cultural attache, spends his last summer holidays as a bachelor at Lake Annecy where he meets Aurora, an Italian writer and old friend. She talks him into a flirt with his landlady’s teenage daughter, Laura, which he indulges in until he meets and falls for Laura’s blonde half-sister Claire and develops a desire to caress her knee. Jerome eventually dares to try his luck with Claire, only to realize that, unlike with Laura, his affections this time are mostly one-sided.

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Le genou de Claire / La rodilla de Clara / O Joelho de Claire / Коляното на Клер / Claires knæ / Clairen polvi / Six Contes Moraux V: Le genou de Claire / Το γόνατο της Κλαίρης / Claire térde / Il ginocchio di Claire / Claireino koljeno / Six Moral Tales V: Claire’s Knee / Claires knä / Колено Клер / Kolano Klary / Kurêru no hiza

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Release Date: 21 February 1971 (USA)
Country: France
Language: French
Duration: 1h 46min

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