Chained Heat III No Holds Barred (1998)

Chained Heat III: No Holds Barred (1998)

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Two young women on a vacation in Europe get snagged by a dirty cop . They end up in a private club where the wealthy come to bid at high priced auctions for companions. The two girls turn on each other . Not your typical babe exploitation movie – this is shot in super locations with great cinematography, lighting and is a class act thriller. Twist at the end – looks like a sequel coming up?

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Dark Confessions, Angeline, Confessions interdites, Skoteines apokalypseis, Jailbirds, Oscuras confesiones, Bound Heat – Dark Confessions

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Release Date: 13 June 2000 (Netherlands)
Country: Czech Republic, Canada
Language: English
Duration: 1h 32min

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DVDRip | 698.61 MiB | AVI

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