Botas negras, látigo de cuero (1983)

Botas negras, látigo de cuero (1983)

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Al Pereira, a type of dubious morality, is hired by Lina, the wife of a wealthy man, to recover some compromising photos. She has sex with him by way of a retainer. Without wanting to, he is getting into bigger and bigger trouble, when three men mixed in the blackmail are murdered and he appear as suspect number one. His client will help him hide and grant favors.

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Botas negras, látigo de cuero / Botas Negras, Chicote De Couro / Stivali neri, frusta di cuoio / Siyah Çizme, Deri Kırbaç / Black Boots, Leather Whip

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Release Date: 24 January 1983 (Spain)
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Duration: 1h 43min

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