Bodyguard Ugal-Ugalan (2018)

Bodyguard Ugal-Ugalan (2018)

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The life of Syahrini, a popular pop singer who has millions of fans, is distracted when he gets many threats from strangers. Moreover, Syahrini plans to hold a solo concert. Syahrini then recalls one of her best friend, Erin, who owns the security service company The Guardians. Syahrini chooses Boris, Acho, Lolox, Anyun and Jessica as her personal bodyguards. Syahrini’s solo concert is held at a magnificent concert hall. Initially the concert goes smoothly and safely. In the middle of the show, suddenly Syahrini is kidnapped by a mob of unknown people. Boris, Acho, Lolox, Anyun and Jessica immediately made a rescue effort in a reckless way.

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Release Date: 5 July 2018 (Indonesia)
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Duration: 1h 31min

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