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Below the Belt (1985)

At first glance, a porn video that incorporates karate looks like it would have to blow, bite, and stink. Well, Below The Belt proves that old adage about assumption true; this has got to be one of the greatest tapes in gay porn history. There is not anything in particular that makes it so wonderful – the entire thing simply rules from start to finish. The performances are spirited, the camera work is deliciously naughty, and even the potentially lame karate sequences are seamlessly blended into the sex. Below The Belt has all the best of the porn of yesteryear, like bareback sex and naturally masculine men, with none of the excessive storytelling. It is hard to believe this was made in the Eighties.

After an intense karate session, all the fellas in the dojo hit the locker room. Two of the guys take a shower together, seeming to ignore each other as they soap up. However, they both are half-hard; big ole wieners jut out from their tight physiques. The moment they step out of the shower one of the guys, Jordan Moore, grabs at Michael Ram’s dick. He resists at first, people might be watching. Within seconds he is got his hands firmly around Moore ‘s head, pushing his face further into his crotch. Meanwhile, blonde beauty Jim Steele (he has got devastating blue eyes) jerks off while watching from around the corner. Moore sucks Ram for a few minutes and then drops on all fours for a good fucking. His gigantic ball sac flops about with each thrust of Ram’s rod. Elsewhere in the locker room (presumably after this little show), lanky Grant West approaches Jim Steele. He tells him of haunting dreams he hass been having about the sensei of their dojo, mustachioed super top Chad Douglas. In the dream, a masked ninja flail numchucks as green smoke fills a darkened room. West is trussed up in karate belts. He is attacked by the ninja and saves Douglas. He then turns into a young Asian man (billed as Sum Yung Mahn, the video’s only misstep), is fucked by Douglas, compelled to suck other guys schlongs, and then is covered in jizz. The story gets Steele all horny; he practically attacks West while trying to get at his cock. West pushes his wide load into Steele’s tight hole and slaps him as he bangs away. Steele whimpers like it is his first time and it is otally hot.

Release Date: 1 July 1985 (USA)
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 1h 17min
Subtitle: –
DVDRip | 688.56 MiB | AVI

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