Belle Starr (1941)

Belle Starr (1941)

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The setting is the Civil War and its aftermath. Belle’s family has lost their land to Yankees. She marries Confederate guerilla leader Sam Starr and they continue activities against exploiters until she is shot riding to alert Sam to a trap. Highly romanticized and little connection with history.

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Belle Starr / La indómita / De rebellenvorstin / La reine des rebelles / A Formosa Bandida / Formosa Bandida / Rosvojen kuningatar / Vasilissa tou vounou / La ribelle del sud / ベル・スター / La indómita / A Lenda da Raposa Vermelha / Belle Starr regina rebelilor / En laglös kvinna / Belle Starr ‘The Bandit Queen’

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Release Date: 12 September 1941 (USA)
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 1h 27min

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