Bedtime Dream (2017)

Bedtime Dream (2017)

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Masami of Aestheticians (Aya Sasami) graduated from his hometown vocational school two years ago, rolled into the former lover’s Naoki (Ota Osamu) who had been in Tokyo earlier, began living together. However, in an era in which she became sexless with a lonely life, she exclaimed her sociability and left home to part with her. Such Masami wishes to visit Misa (Misa Saki) of my aunt who runs a coffee shop with her husband in the downtown of Tokyo and want me to stay for a while. Misa of good looking was accepted pleasantly for the wishes of the unbelievable Masami. However, her husband Takuya (Yasushi Takemoto) was a big objection. There is only one bedroom in the house on the second floor of the store, and it is impossible for a young girl like this to get up to sleep …. However, it was Takuya who accepts never-ending niece who can not hurry, but since that evening, a sleepless night starts from a strange “river character” living.

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マンネリ / Manneri

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Info: IMDb
Release Date: 5 September 2017 (Japan)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Duration: 1h 8min
Subtitle: Subscene

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