Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture! (1977)

Beauty’s Exotic Dance: Torture! (1977)

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The life of the S&M-theme artist and author Seiu Itō is depicted in the film. His artistic life and Sadian philosophy, inspired by his torturing of his two wives and Tae, his favorite prostitute, are portrayed as shown in his journalistic writings. Tae is eventually driven insane due to Itō’s attentions. The movie stars Junko Miyashita as Tae.

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発禁本「美人乱舞」より責める!, Hakkinbon bijin ranbu yori: Semeru!, Bondage, O exotikos horos tis omorfias: Vasanistiria!, Torture! and From the Banned Book “Wild Dance of a Beautiful Woman”: Torture!

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Release Date: 23 February 1977 (Japan)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Duration: 1h 23min

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DVDRip | 546.49 MiB | MKV

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