Bao (2018)

Bao (2018)

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In Toronto, Canada, a Canadian Chinese woman, whose husband is busy at work, makes a Baozi that comes alive. She raises the dumpling as a child, feeding it meals. Eventually the child wishes to play soccer with the other kids, despite his mother’s protection. As her son ages into a teenager and a young adult, he increasingly wants independence, while his mother wishes for more attention from him, feeling ignored. When the dumpling introduces his new fiancée and announces his intentions to move out of his mother’s house, his mother protests. The mother tries to stop the dumpling from leaving, but he pulls free. In a fit of anger the mother eats the dumpling, after which she cries over what she has done. Later, the mother lies in bed, and her real son enters the room, revealing that the whole sequence was allegorical. The son, resembling the dumpling, is told by his father to apologize to his mother, as she ignores him. He enters the room, offering the same treat the mother gave the dumpling, and as they share it, they both shed tears. Afterwards, the whole family, including the son’s fiancée, make dumplings, as they sit at the table watching television.

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Bao, Бао

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Release Date: 15 June 2018 (USA)
Country: USA, Canada
Language: Chinese, English
Duration: 8min

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1080p BluRay | 120.47 MiB | MKV

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