Assassination Games (2011)

Assassination Games (2011)

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Vincent Brazil and Roland Flint are the two best assassins in the world – but unknown to each other. These two rival assassins form an uneasy alliance to take down a target, which is backed by dirty Interpol Agents.

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Assassination Games / Juego de asesinos / Jogos Letais / Игри на смъртта / Jeux meurtriers / Paihnidia dolofonon / Παιχνίδια Δολοφόνων / Gyilkos játékok / Gyilkos játszma / ジャン=クロード・ヴァン・ダム アサシン・ゲーム / Žudymo žaidimai / Krzyżowy ogień / Assassinos e Rivais / Jocul asasinilor / Игры киллеров / Smrtonosne igre / Elitní zabijaci / Juego de asesinos / Suikast Oyunları / Weapon

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Info: IMDb
Release Date: 6 September 2011 (United States)
Country: United States, Hong Kong, Romania
Language: English
Duration: 1h 40min
Subtitle: Subscene

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