A Delicious Wife (2018)

A Delicious Wife (2018)

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Stern and Sawhyeok have a normal family life. But there is one thing that is not clear between them. That is their sex life. It is a couple who seems to have no problems from the outside, but when they have a bed, they are living passive and funny sex with their fear of how they will look to their opponents rather than their doctors. Before marriage, Stern was playing a little, but pretending to be a lady in order to catch a lot of money, Sanghyuk also pretended to be naive to marry a beautiful stern.

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맛있는 아내 / 美味的妻子 / A Delicious Wife / Sexual Happiness

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Release Date: 11 October 2018 (South Korea)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Duration: 1h 21min
Subtitle: –

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